This new hack that has been discovered on Archero

Archero is a recent game that is very successful today. In this game, you control an archer that need to fight against numerous monsters inside differents dungeons. During your games, you will collect some ressources you need to increase your charactere stats. If you want to progress, you will need to spend many coins, open chests and use your gems. And it can take some time before you become stronger enough to beat all monsters from a chapter. So, you will need to try it again and again until you have the necessary ressources to be able to end a chapter. If you are bored of that, there is a shortcut you can take to earn a high amount of gems and coins for free. Yes, it’s now possible, you can use the best archero hack to get unlimited coins and gems on your account.

How to use the Archero Hack

I’m going to teach you how very simple it is to get started with the new archero gems and coins hack. When you are on the official phreak2600 website, you should see a button to access a ressources generator. Go here, and you will face to a page that require some informations to complete the hack.

archero hack tool

As you can see on the image above, you only have to put the name you’re using inside Archero to make it run. When your account is recognized by the system, you can start to choose how many coins and gems you want to have for free. I think you can got untill 100k coins and at least 50k gems very easily. Select everything you want and press “Generate” button to launch the hack. It won’t take much time than 10 minutes beofre the ressources are ready to use on your Archero account.

What to do with these ressources

Now that you have plenty of ressources, you might wonder how to spend then efficiently. Don’t worry, there isn’t much things to do. First, the most logic way to spend your coins is to go on your talents page and to upgrade them as much as possible. Talents are bonuses that stay on your account forever, that’s why there are so important. If you have extra coins to spend, you still can go on the shop and buy gems. Indeed, you can buy for example 200 gems for 13k coins.

And now that you should only have the gems left, it’s time to spend them. It’s very easy, there is almost only one thing to do with gem: opening chests. You really should go for Obsidian chests only as there provide you the best reward. It costs you 300 gems per chest for the first opening. But the more coffer you open in a row, the less you pay to open them. After you have opened a dozen of chests you should have greatest equipments possible for your level. You can also combine the equipments if you have it 3x to make a stronger tier of the same equipment. And you can use the scroll you earn during your games to increase equipments stats.

That’s all, so thanks to this hack, you are now able to defeat most of the monsters. Go as far as you can in the game and start this hack again when you get stuck. That’s the best advice to use this hack on Archero.


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