A new way to get v-bucks with this amazing Fortnite Hack

Fews months after the official launching of Fortnite Battle Royale for free to the public, the first v-bucks hack have been discovered. And the best thing is that this Fortnite Hack is available online for no cost to any players! Indeed, the website hardplex.com, already known for his gaming hacks, has launched their new generator which allows players to add an unlimited amount of v-bucks on their Fortnite account. Anyway, this won’t stay for long as Epic Games should patch it when they will discover this new hack. That means you have to be quick and use this now before this is patched.

The new and best fortnite hack

How to use the Fortnite v-bucks hack generator?

The V-bucks generator is very easy to use for any players. Basically, all you have to do is to go on the Hardplex website and find the Fortnite hack page. I higly advise you to read the full page before using this so you will understand clearly how it works and what is going to be done. Inside the article, dinf the button to go on the generator and get started. Firstly, you have to log-in with your Fortnite account using your username or the e-mail adresse related to your account. Wait few seconds untill your account is successfully connected, and them you have to chose how many V-Bucks you would like to have on your account. You can chose betwen 1k to 90k v-bucks and everygthing is free. Now wait again few second untill the generator start the work. To work properly, you will have to pass the human verification before your resources can be added on your account. After all these easy steps, return on your Fortnite account and start seen resources flowing!

What to do with the V-Bucks I earn with the Fortnite hack?

V-Bucks are used for 1 things only: buying items that change your appearance in-game. With unlimited V-Bucks, you will be able to buy anything from¬†seasonal shop and basic shops. In Fortnite there are often some skins available for a limited period of time, so if you have enough V-Bucks at this time you should buy everything you can to get these rare skins! There are different kinds of skins and they affect differents things in your game. You have a custom skins for your gilder, your pickaxe and your clothes. Most of pro players are playing with skins to show their engagement with the game, and this way you can spot who is good or not on Fortnite. So don’t wait anymore and let’s have an insane look with this Fortnite hack!




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