Best way to cheats in Fortnite battleRoyale : the ultimate strategy guide

If you’re interested in new video games, you’ve obviously heard about this new phenomenon: Battleroyale Fortnite. This game developed by Epic Game is in the line of survival games like PUB-G. You will find the same principle: You are parachuted on an island with 100 opponents, and the only goal is to survive and be last survivor to win the game. You will be able to equip yourself throughout the game with weapons and other essential tools such as potions, shields, etc. They will allow you to take more damage. Weapons are also precious, there are the same weapons in different colors according to their power and also their rarity. As the game progresses, a storm narrows on the map, forcing you to always be on the move in smaller and smaller spaces.

To succeed in finishing last, you must be strategic. There are different strategies depending on your style of play. For example, you can go there in bourrin mode: a shotgun and let’s go to exterminate as many opponents as possible. The idea here is that the fewer enemies there are, the higher your chances of survival. A second strategy is to play safe and discreet. You should stay on the edge of the storm and avoid getting noticed. The sniper will be your best friend if you choose this style of play. Speaking of strategy, there is also a way to get resources (v-bucks) for free. By using this Fortnite Cheats, you can customize your character and buy items from the shop without spending real money. This can be useful if you’re a little broke…

how to cheat in Fortnite

But the success of Fortnite is due to an innovation in this type of game: building and demolishing. Indeed, the entire card is destructible. Armed with your pick, you can break houses, cars, trees… to collect materials that will allow you to build your own structures. Indeed, you can build ramps to position yourself in a better angle, stairs, forts… whatever you want! This is an essential point in the innovative gameplay of this little game, which draws more and more fans every day!


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