How to chill in front of netflix without spending money

The year 2018 is just beginning and will be full of surprises! Many TV shows are planned for this year, or already under filming. For example, Homeland will be back on the small screen in February. To cite a second, the highly anticipated Mr robot TV show will be released in 2018, but producers have not yet given the exact date of release. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled, but above all, you have to have the means to watch all these fabulous series.

Indeed, online streaming sites have a hard life. Many platforms have seen their activities disappear after IRL searches (in real life). We can say the same for torrent sites. The year 2017 will have been the last for the regrettable t411, or the French Cpasbien site. Not everything is lost. There are indeed other alternatives, but with their disadvantages as well…

The Netflix example:

Netflix has established itself as a leader in the big productions market, whether for films or TV shows. It is now the most widely used platform for streaming content. Its concept is the basis of this exemplary success. Netflix¬†has over time purchased rights to an impressive amount of diversified content. So you can watch movies and series of all kinds and all ages. But it doesn’t stop there; in fact, Netflix has launched its own original productions, betting heavily on the originality of the content. A successful bet! The number of subscriptions has only increased since the creation of this brand in 2006. Today, Netflix claims more than 100 million users worldwide… Quite impressive isn’t it?

However, to get access to this little wonder, you’ll have to take out the wallet! Yes, because like all good things have drawbacks, Netflix’s is its price. You’ll have to pay $7 a month for a basic subscription, and up to $15 to be able to connect multiple devices on the same account (which is very convenient for large families).
free netflix accountsIs there an alternative?

Yes and no. No site (legal) can afford to distribute content for free, or risk losing money, a lot of money. So the best solution is to find a way to get an account without paying, and guess what…? There is one. Indeed, the end of the year 2017 was full of surprises and thanks to a new website, you can get your free Netflix account ( Netflix Gratuit ). By visiting this site above, you will be able to discover how this ingenious generator works, which I will try to summarize quickly here:

The principle is simple. This team scans the web in search of an abandoned account, or deceased owner for example. Once found, they recover the password through a partnership with Netflix. Once the login information is saved, this data is stored on servers until someone uses the generator to claim their account! Clever, huh? Thanks to this intervention, even the poorest people will be able to enjoy the joys of streaming. The year 2018 promises to be a beautiful 2018 is rich in popcorn evening. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, we will meet again soon for new adventures.


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