Episode choose your story : short review

Developed and edited by the American studio Episode Interactive, the game is available on iTunes (App Store), Google Play (Android) and the Amazon App Store.

Intended for girls in search of love stories, Episode – Choose Your Story is an entertaining game in which you really have the feeling to make decisive choices for the rest of the adventure and thus write your beautiful story! Interactive stories: make choices that determine your friends and loves! What are you meeting today? Note that the main character you play is completely customizable: Dress your character and choose the style that suits you best!

Episode is an interactive game in which you take the place of a young girl who has just changed high school for this new school year.

I think the graphics are pretty nice and realistic as we like them. Unlike Paris: City of Love, the Episode script seems more realistic and less childish. But that’s just my humble opinion! Both stories allow you to change the atmosphere, which is a very good thing. So there are two story books in this app, they are called “Campus Crush”, and “Tea & Poison”, and will both ask you to make choices (and good ones!) along the way that will have a final impact on the outcome of your final story. Decipher the mysteries that history presents and survive all encounters. And have fun!

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