Guide to choosing the right Android or iOS game

Holidays are approaching and long weekends follow one another: so you are looking for activities to share with family or friends. And if you took to the hotel or camping all your games on, stored away in your smartphone or Android tablet and easily accessible. But the problem: which game to choose… Indeed, there are several thousand different games, not easy to find your way around

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what type of game to choose?

Of all the application categories, games are the most successful. It is therefore obvious that choosing which game to play will pose some problem! Here is a summary of the different game categories available

Action Games: In action games, the player, brought to face his opponents in violent confrontations, sees his reflexes and skill put to the test. This type of video game is divided into three subcategories: combat games, arcade games and platform games.

Combat games :Mobile combat games are usually played in solo mode, in which the player confronts the machine, but some also offer the combat mode between two players. A good example of the application of this type of game is Real Steel, an adaptation of the eponymous film.

Arcade Games : The mobile arcade games are characterized by a simple and repetitive playability and allow the player to test his speed. Angry Birds is a notable example.

Platform games : In platform games, previously developed and become popular on consoles before being adapted to mobiles, the character controlled by the player makes jumps from one platform suspended to the other or over obstacles and avoids traps. Rayman is a perfect example.

Adventure : Adventure games sometimes resemble other categories, including platform games. However, their scenario is more elaborate, and the player interacts with different characters and objects. We can mention Minecraft or The Walking Dead as examples.

Strategy : This category is one of the most popular on smartphones. However, creating a video game of this type requires a lot of time and hard work. Since the focus is not on the player’s skill but on his or her ability to plan and analyze, many variables must be taken into account when developing the game. Clash of Clans and Plants vs. Zombies are good examples of this type of mobile games.

You’ll be able to toruver your happiness in there, and if you still hesitate, consult this article about hacking game. You will find a selection of the best tips to make your choice easier.


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