How to get more UnknowCash (UC) in PUBG Mobile

The world of gaming is evolving everyday and it gives players opportunities to use shortcut on their favorites games. Today we will take the example of the Mobile version of Pubg (called PUBGM) where a new hack was discovered few days ago. This hack won’t give much advantages over other players during the games, but will improve a lot your appearance, your guns and basically all your stuff. Yes, I think now you understand how this hack can help you: this will bring you a high amount of UC for free. If you still didn’t know about this pubgm hack, don’t worry we are going to explain everything to do if you want to use it.

Should you use this PUBGM hack for free UC?

In a first hand, I have to warn you about this kind of practices which are a bit controversial. Indeed, some players will defend it when others say that it’s not fair because most players still ignore this method. In this article we only want to explain how the trick is working, and we don’t take any position about this. Furthermore, we advise you to make your own opinion about this practice while you are reading our review. So at the end, you can choose if you should use or not use this free pubgm uc method.

There are pros and cons in both sides, so it’s just about your ethic and how you feel this is a fair method or not.

How to get started with this pubgm hack

free uc with

Let’s get to the heart of the matter! If you would like to use a such tool, it’s very easy. The first thing you have need is going to the free uc software called which allow you to hack your UC amount. This is a basic online web application, which will connect to your pubg mobile account and inject some uc using¬†security vulnerability of Pubg servers. This isn’t a new thing, but it has been hosting online and ready to access for any players 24/24. That’s what make this hack so popular these days. As anyone can use it just from a web browser, and also it’s very easy to make it generate free uc for any account. That’s why we wanted to write an article about it. So even more players can enjoy the game by buying anything they want from the store.


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