pocketmortystips.com : The Best use of Pokcet Mortys Hack to get free coupons and Schmeckles

Good new for all the pocket mortys players! The first in-game hack was found by a team a developper few weeks ago. We have decided to try the software to make our own mind about the pocket mortys hack. Anyway, if you still didn’t heard of this game you will see in the next months this game should gain a lot in fame. Indeed, Pocket Mortys is an Android and iOS game that adapte the famous TV show called Rick and Mortys all with the old background of the old pokemon gameplay. Actually, this game is a kind of copy to pokemon, they just changed a lot of the background but the main principe is the same! According to pocketmortystips.com there is now a way use the Pocket Mortys hack to generate schmeckles and coupons.

how to hack pocket mortys

How this hack will help you in Pocket Mortys ?

There are several advantage to get a great amount of coupons and schmeckles in this game. Schmeckles is the money used by players to buy in-game stuff as potion,booster, specials items etc… With a lot of this, you will firstly save a lot of time because you can now buy unlimited potion to heal your Mortys, so you don’t have to return to the city to heal them. Aslo there will be stronger as you can boost them with item you can find in certain place through the game. Coupons are used to customize your profile and some other stuffs but they don’t impact much the gameplay. Moreover, they are zero risk for you related to the use of the software due to the encryption of the data. Every people who have used this tool are very happy and never get trouble, indeed, the developper of the game said they didn’t care about this hack, if people want to with the cheats, it’s hope to them.

That already make some excellent reasons to use this pocket mortys hack, it will help you in many way.

How to use this Pocket Mortys cheats code to get resources ?

The use of this software is not so hard to understand. Basically, you can complete all steps in less than 10 minutes if you know what you are doing. But don’t worry, we are going to guide you to explain you how the pocket mortys hack is working. There is 2 mains steps: connect your pocket mortys account to the generator and generate the resources on your account.

The connect your account, you need to write your username in the field at the top of the hack page. Also, select the plateform where you play the game, and click on the encryption checkbox. This will secure all data during the process, preserving you full anonymity so you got no risk by using this generator.

Now you account should be successfully connected to the service, so you need to complete the final step. Select how many coupons and schmeckles you want to see on your account and click generate. You will see the software working for a bit, and after that you will need to complete a captcha to avoid robot using the tool.

After the first time we use this tool, we get back to our account in Pocket Mortys and discover that the amount of coupons and schmeckles was already there! After no more than 10 minutes!!! We have yet find 0 reason to not use this tool, although some people could have a negative view on it as they don’t like this way to play. They think it ruins the fun because it’s not the way the developper imagine it, so it’s just hope to you to decide!

So to conclude with this software we higly advise you to give it a look, it’s really fun to play this kind of game with the resources unlimited!


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