Sarahah hack : does this new way of revealing users threaten the app’s success ?

How to hack sarahah

You’ve probably heard about this app that’s been buzzing for this summer: Sarahah message, the famous anonymous messaging that every young people has on their smartphones. Sarahah is similar to other anonymous applications, but it is one of the easiest to use. You do not even need an account to start sending messages! Yes, you just need a link that will guide you to a web page to send a message to the person who gave you his links. Most of the time, users share these links on social networks, like Snapchat or even Facebook.

These 2 applications take after the guideline to more youthful application or site, as This sort of applications have turned into another distraction for young people.

At the birthplace, Sarahah has been produced with the point of making reactions (possitives or not) on the operation of the organizations or on their bosses without fearing issues later. It didn’t take yearn for the adolescent to get hold of the marvel, moving the application into the best most downloaded application.

This practice can be dangerous because teenagers do not realize the harm their words can do. Many cases of harassment have already been identified. But for all these people, do not worry, there is a way to find who sends you messages. Indeed, it is necessary to use this sarahah hack to reveal who send your message on the app. This site is really well built and can quickly get all the information you want, such as mail, profiles facebook, instagram … handy you see!

This hack for sarahah is a reflection of what is happening on the internet right now. Anonymity does not really exist anymore. You think you are invisible, but that’s never the case. This is a good thing for individuals who allow themselves easy insults and criticisms, hidden behind their PC.

Sarahah still has good days ahead. Even if revealing the message senders is possible, they will find another way to put pressure on people. On the other hand, this application makes it possible to be able to communicate in countries or regions where freedom of expression is not acquired. So there is also a good side to anonymity.


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