Soccer stars hack : the adventure continues in 2018, with new surprises !

The year ends well for Soccer Stars. Since the creation last spring of the new hack platform for the game, Soccer Stars’ lovers have been able to take advantage of an impressive number of free resources. More than 150 million coins have been created.

Miniclip, the owner and developer of this game, has not commented on it. The creators of this tool apparently have no links with the Miniclip team.

This website proposed a new concept, which allowed anyone to get unlimited resources on the Soccer Stars game. This is a new way of Hack Soccer Stars. This cheating system has become very popular in the community, to such an extent that servers had to shut down for a few days last August to offer a more stable version.

Victim of its success, the gamerdreamer platform recently announced the extension of the tool for Soccer Stars in 2018, in a press release. To go further, the site will also offer a more stable version to avoid checks. Many users found themselves obliged to perform checks because of the very high traffic on gamerdreamer servers.

This hack is totally secured by proxy and VPN protection, so you are invisible! Please note that we have never heard any complaints about this site

As you can see, the year 2018 looks set to be a good year for fans of this timeless game. Indeed, the principle has not changed on soccer stars. You have a chance every turn to throw the ball and try to score goals. You have the opportunity to compete against players from all over the world in crazy tournaments. That’s where things get complicated and you’re going to need this Soccer Stars Hack. Indeed, you will need a lot of money to be able to register for these tournaments. It’s obvious that if you lose, you lose all your money with it.

This system may seem annoying to small players who can’t afford to participate in these tournaments. Just log on to the gamerdreamer website to solve this problem. Here are the steps to follow:

1) login your Soccer Stars account

2) choose the number of resources (do not be too greedy!)

3) Generate and let’s go!

All this step are summed up in this Youtube vidéo :

You get it, you don’t have to be a computer genius to get to hack Soccer Stars! With a little curiosity, everything is on the internet. This hack is totally secured by proxy and vpn protection, so you are unbearable! Please note that we have never heard any complaints about this site


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