Why teens are loving this music-video app called TikTok ?

In early august 2018, an uncommon thing happened to the mobile application industry. The famous video social network called Musical.ly with over 200 millions of wordwide users has been bought by TikTok. This is one of the biggest ever merge that we have see in mobile application industry. That’s not happening often, but we remember when Facebook has bought Instagram application to their original owner for a big amount of dollar ($ 1 billion) or even WhatsApp ($19 billions). In this case, bytdance has bought Musical.ly for 1 billion and both application have merged in one (instead of staying with 2 apps, like Facebook did).

And since Tik Tok is booming in term of actives users!

video social network

But why teens love this application?

Contrary to other social network, Tik Tok is based on video sharing and live broadcasting that’s make it unique. In this application, you simply choose a popular song from the Tik Tok library and them make a clip of you. A lot of effects are here to help you producing a great video. And you can effectively do a lof of funny things. This is a good thing for teens as this is training them to video creation. That’s always usefull in the world of digital! It’s also a fad as there are many celebrities of these teens that are using Tik Tok.

Furthermore, there are some people which became really famous with this application. They have accumulated tens of millions of fans which follow every of these video. So it’s a bit like a race for fame. Teens are ready to anything to attract more followers. Some are producing very awesome content, that is literately outstanding for young people.

An app with lot of features

TikTok have actually many options that help users to keep producting great content. For instance, trusted and verified users that become to be famous with a lot of followers are rewarded by a Tik Tok crown. This is basically a kind of checkmark, with the shape of a crown that will confirm you’re a good TikTok users. Also, famous people are often doing features between them, to attract more and more fans and to make original video.

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