The new way to watch all Netflix programs for free

Today, Netflix has a huge place in the world of streaming plateform. Contrary to most of them, Netflix has choose the legit way to access the series and movies that you love as Hulu did for example. But unfortunately, using this legit way always have a cost and Netflix don’t miss this rules as you have to pay at least 10$ a month to be able to use the plateform. The sad thing is nowaday, Netflix subscription prices are always increasing since a year, so it’s getting worthless and it’s not far for people who don’t have those money to spend on it.

That’s why we have good news for 2018, with the new Netflix account generator, you are going to have the full access to all Netflix program for free! It’s amazing no? Keep reading below to learn how to use this generator to get yoour free netflix account.

How to use the french account generator called: Netflix Compte Gratuit

To get your account for free you have only few steps to acheive. To begin with, start by going on the official matetaserie generator website in the netflix section at: compte Netflix gratuit.

You can see what looks like the Netflix generator in the picture below.

son compte netflix gratuit en 2 minutes

When you are on this page, you can start using the service for your new and free Netflix acccount.

After that, you will be asked to enter the desired email adress and password for your account. Basically, just fill up the informations with the login you want to use to connect on Netflix.

Next step, you have to select how many free months subscription you need for the account, don’t forget that it’s all freeso I suggest you to choose the maximum amount to make it worth better.

Now to end with the creation of your account, you will only have to complete the human verification. This step is one of the most important as they will take away the generator from automated bot that would abuse of it. So just do what they ask you and then you will receive your Netflix account details in a email on the adress you choose firstly.

The account you will receive will last exactly the number of months chosen in previous steps. If you choose 12 months, for instance, your account will be up for a year and you will be allow to use Netflix as anyboby other users. So don’t be lazy and if you want to watch fun programs for free use this generator right now !


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